Who is Top 10 Mom?

Super mom and wife, working, blogging, constantly learning and interviewing about parenting, children, lifestyle, expatlife and love. Putting everything together is lists of 10 to make YOUR life easier. From diapers to Michelin Stars. From BLW to travelling. From Montessori to Mindfulness. Erika Rodrigues believes in the most respectful and loving ways to raise happier children in happier families.

Erika is a PR and Communications professional with over 15 years of experience. Born and raised in Maracaibo, Venezuela, she spent the last 8 years working in Angola and now has become a mom, wife and blogger She lives with her husband in Porto where she is raising a very international Venezuelan-Portuguese Santiago.

Top10Mom, writes mainly in English but you might expect to find posts in Portuguese and Spanish too, her tribe is composed by the most diverse kind of people and there for there is a content for all.

She faithfully believes that we can create a better society by building families, parents and children more beloved, more respected and happier. Our world deserves a better society, our children deserve a better world and we as parents can make it a reality.

When Erika is not taking care of her boy she is writing here, working, practising Pilates, connecting with friends and family, having a nice cup of tea or experiencing new places and experiences.

Her blog is multilingual, so you might find posts in English, Portuguese and Spanish.

Her trade mark? #loveistheanswer



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