Top 10 Mom interview: Anahi Brown

Anahi Brown, Nany, is my BFF since college years, my “comadre”, coach, health counselor, life and style Goddess and a guide on my motherhood and womanhood path. She is in another league of wisdom, if you know what I mean.

Professionally speaking she is HHC, AADP, BSc, is a certified Holistic Wellness Coach with over 10 years experience, a published author and motivational speaker.

Of course she had to be the first interviewee in my Top 10 Mom Interview, because she is the voice behind my head saying: “You can do it mamma! You will succeed, you rock big time!”. I will be forever grateful for that empowerment she has given me and other women like me.

Anahi with her 2 children: Matthew and Michael. Matt is my dear godson.

This is a funny and relax questionnaire to know more about her. So join us!.

  1. – How would you define yourself?
  • Hmmmm. Today I would define myself as a funny and happy woman, a believer in human goodness, a Women’s Empower supporter, Joyful Motherhood enthusiast and a real woman learning to leave dogma behind to discover her own truths.
  1. Where do you find Kryptonite to become SuperNany everyday?
  • This one made ma laugh SO much because precisely today I’m surviving on coffee after spending a night up with Michael. I think my best fuel is my purpose to Ignite Women’s Empowerment to change the world. Even with 2 hours of sleep, if I’m connecting with some awesome woman and talking about what I love, I have all the energy in the world. Coffee does help, though!
  1. How do you make sure your Venezuelan roots are included in your family daily life? Raising third culture children can be a challenge, right?
  • YEEEEES! Challenge indeed! Especially since my husband is British, so another whole different culture. To me the cooking is key; I want my boys to get used to our flavors. I also like to have loads of children’s Venezuelan books that they can connect to. It’s hard. Matt speaks Spanish with a strong accent, so it’s not as I wished, but at least he knows where we come from and loves our food and music.
  1. You speak A LOT, very fast and in different languages, you live in a big house of boys with a cat too and you are an entrepreneur and a holistic Coach. How do you bare yourself?
  • Not sure I do. (Laughs) Ok, we have a louder and bigger than life house. We all shout, dance, laugh and talk all the time. It’s overwhelming yet SO MUCH FUN. I don’t know, I just love my chaos, I guess! Sometimes Matt is singing, Michael crying or talking, we have music in the background and then Tigger (our cat) starts meowing SUPER loudly. In the middle of that I just start laughing like a crazy person because it’s just so TV/Reality TV crazy. You know?

  1. What are the activities you enjoy more when you have date times with #MrB?
  • Movies for sure! I love dancing but he doesn’t, but Films we both love. Other than that we love the theatre when available. I think after 6 years, 2 kids and a cat together, just going out the two of us is our favorite in itself.
  1. What do you know today that you wish you could have known 10 years ago?
  • That I am enough as I am. I wished I had internalized that before… I wasted too much time hating my body or my choices instead of loving myself and enjoying the road.
  1. Best thing about raising children in Doha, Qatar. From visiting you several times- I can tell is a completely different culture than the Venezuelan one where you and I where raised.
  • It’s a place for family. It’s super safe and people loves kids, so my boys are constantly pampered and being looked at by a whole tribe of people. I also love how diverse their lives are. Matt goes to school with kids of over 60 nationalities, his vision of race will be completely different than mine in a positive way.
  1. Since you are a bookworm, what are you currently reading this week?
  • I’m finishing Liz Gilbert’s Stern Men and also slowly ready Full Catastrophe Living by Jon Kabat-Zin. I’ve taken forever with both since these days I start reading on the Kindle and without realizing fall asleep!
  1. If you weren’t SuperNany? You would like to be…
  • I think if I had a do-over and I wasn’t a coach and mom I would either be a Medical Doctor or a Scientist. Or and actress! I still LOVE the theatre like nothing else.
  1. As our last Top 10 Mom question, tell us about next steps on your business /life? What shall we expecting in the near future from Anahi Brown?
  • SO MUCH COMING! I have my Holistic Beauty Program coming in March (March 6 to be precise!), which I would love to turn into an Online program in the future. I’m organizing a couple of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) programs here and, in April I’m launching my Paleo in Qatar Cooking Series… and this is just the beginning!

Thanks Nany! I am sure all these great activities will be a great success on your career path and for the participants a life changer! You go girl!

And for all of you readers, let me know what you think of this first interview on the comments below! THANKS!


Erika, Top10Mom


Anahi Brown is a Women’s Empowerment Coach, Joyful Motherhood Mentor and Holistic Nourishment Advocate. You can find more about her on:

Twitter: @WellnessByAnahi

Instagram: @WellnessByAnahi


Skype: WellnessByAnahi


6 thoughts on “Top 10 Mom interview: Anahi Brown

  1. Hello!
    I just loved reading your interview with Anahi. It made me feel like with have so many similarities when it comes to marring to someone from a different culture. Also, that we women are strong and we can do anything our minds put into.
    Thank you Anahi, for reminding us to love of self in no matter what phase of our lives are.


    1. Sandra, I am so happy to read your comment. Remember we are so amazing and so strong that we don’t even realize we’re are such! Contact Anahi for a chat is worth it! And please keep reading my blog for more inspiration. You are a Top10Mom too! Saudades!


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