Knok Doc!

Yes sir! A doctor just a click away!

My dear Dr./Photographer Marcia Ferreira, introduced me to this great tool: Knok; and I said, I need to give it a try.

Imagine the scenario: Santiago was not feeling well and we definitely didn’t want to go to the Emergency room, wait for a long time and expose Santiago to other viruses as he was feeling quite miserable already: Knok please!

It was beyond easy. I downloaded the app, selected a pediatrician, in this case Marcia was on duty and in less than15 minutes, Santiago was being checked at home. I was pleased that the doctor was very attentive to our description of his symptoms and that she did a full check up. He had otitis and conjunctivitis and was coughing a lot since his respiratory system was really congested

Dr. Marcia wrote a prescription and made sure we understood well how the treatment worked and clarified any doubts about it. The visit lasted about 30 minutes. After she left, we received a receipt for the consult, which is covered by the majority of the health insurance companies. #win!

I found Knok very useful for situations where you don’t want to or cannot go to a health facility. You can use your credit card to pay for the service through the app, making the whole process incredibly simple and user friendly. It is very simple to pay with your credit card trough the app, which is clear and friendly. Also, the doctors available on the app have different specializations: children, adult and elderly healthcare, mental health, among others, which makes it useful for the entire family.

After our experience with Knok, I highly recommend and support this service. I truly wish all the success to this service comprised by a 100 % Portuguese team and app developers. Although I hope we don’t need to use their services too often, if a situation arises, I have the piece of mind of knowing that I will have a health professional ringing our bell in no time.

Have you ever tried Knok? Tell me about your experience below!


Erika, Top10 Mom


(This post is not sponsored)

«knok provides eady to use app to request doctors on demand for home appointments – and will start offering video appointments in June – improving the speed and convenience of access to quality medical care.

knok aims to enhance patient care for the most vulnerable members of society, including the very young and elderly, through a personally tailored service at an affordable price point, by offering easy and immediate access to a pediatrician or a GP. You will be able to choose your doctor and reach out to him/her recurrently, so the knok doctor will become your family doctor.»

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