Top 10 Reasons to Go to Porto Playgroup Next Wednesday

The P.P was one of the first activities we chose to do with Santiago once we arrived to Porto. It saved me from going mad at home! We are regulars on Wednesday’s sessions and we love it.

So here are the Top10 reasons why you should join in too.


1.-You are a stay-at-home parent and you need some time out of the house to get some fresh air and talk to people who can say more than just ma-ma and pa-pa.

2.- You are new in town and need desperately to make new friends, besides the stuffed animals and your child´s pediatrician.

3.- You want your super brilliant, next baby Einstein, to be exposed to different languages, like English, Portuguese, Italian or Spanish for example, in a natural and relaxed environment and that is not Sesame Street.

4.- There are lots of cool moms and dads from different parts of the world looking for human beings to talk to about diapers and night weaning.

5.- You get a morning full of fun for you and your child, and you get to bring a tired baby/toddler home for a great nap.

6.– Coffee! Thank you Lord!

7.- The catchy songs you will sing and that will never, ever leave your head during the day an dreams at night. “Thank you very much, thank you very much!”

8.- The free parking available for those driving and the central location for those walking. Win-win!

9.- You don’t get to clean all the mess alone! There is group tidy up time and you better tidy!

10.- I am a volunteer and you will get to know me in person. I know, so exciting right? Arguably the best reason out of the 10 to come to the Playgroup, but you be that judge!

So, if these reasons are not enough for you guys to come then read reason number 10 again and maybe you’ll change your mind!

IMG_0104You can find more information on the Porto Playgroup Blog or on the Facebook Page.

Kisses, see you there on Wednesday,

Erika @top10mom


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