Top10 Interview: Marcia Ferreira, Paediatrician, wife, mom of 3, blogger, photographer, founder of Stim-photography, etc. etc. etc.

Dr. Marcia is one is one of mines, a  #supermom in high definition: Paediatrician, wife, mom of 3, blogger, photographer and founder of Stim-photography, singer wanna be (just like me!) and fan of supporting families in loving their parenthood (me twice!).

We met Marcia at Gui´s birthday party where we really loved her pictures and professionalism. And thanks to that first sight love, most of the pictures you will see around the blog are hers. #strikeapose

When you are such a Goddess you need to share your wisdom with me @Top10Mom, therefore here is my interview with Marcia, enjoy it ma’ people from around the world!

Hello Marcia, ready or not, here we go!

1.- If I were a doctor, in a parallel universe, of course, I would have chosen Paediatrics as a major. In your case, what are you passionate about working with Children? What led you to choose Paediatrics?

Actually, I do not think I’ve ever really had a “plan” for my life or what to do with it.

It’s funny to remember that in high school when I did vocational psychometric tests, the only thing they told me was that I should choose a career that would allow me to work with children.

Then I went to medicine, with the idea of paediatrics in my head, on the way I changed my mind and already with the course done, in a passage through the paediatrics service of the hospital where I worked years latter, I came back to “fall in love” with this Specialization.

Trough the years, life has continued to take its toll, but work related to children, parenting, and the whole mother-infant universe remains what I see myself doing for the rest of my life.

2.- So how does a paediatrician find out she has a talent for photography and divides her professional life between the two chores?

Also my adventure in photography was not a planned choice. Surely I never said or thought, at any moment of my life, that one day I would work with photography.

I was surprised, to some extent, to realize that my path is very similar to the path that several photographers are going trough – although photography has always been one of the areas of artistic expression that I most admired, it was only with motherhood that the passion for it was sharpened.

At that time I started a photographic diary (literally daily) of my family in which I was telling our story through images. Over time, I felt a need, but above all, a desire, to deepen my knowledge, which I did first by reading the instructions of the camera (yes, those hundreds of pages with technical information) and then doing a basic photography course.

I literally went with my camera hanging on my neck everywhere to photograph my children and my friend’s children. Without noticing, friends of friends were asking me to photograph their families and so on. It was really “word of mouth.”

I discovered then, that it was an activity that gave me great pleasure and decided to go further “seriously” with it. Why not? Right?

3.- Tell us about the type of education you have chosen for your 3 children. I found it very interesting and out of the traditional for the local standards.

As parents we gradually built our way of educating and weaving our choices for the education and schooling of our children. And these choices came up on the one hand intuitively, based on our own experiences, and on the other through some research that we did in a quiet and natural way.

As far as schooling is concerned, we have chosen a path outside traditional teaching, with an emphasis on education through art. We believe that our children are being taught to have a taste for learning (I just discovered this taste later, as an adult) and that schooling is not only goals, tests and curricula, it is not only Portuguese and mathematics (important also, obviously), but also it is dancing, using public transportation, making decisions, organizing your own learning pace, helping a little fellow to put on his boots on and many other things …

We are doing our best, but educating a human being is not something for which there is a unique and definite formula.

4.- You were born and raised in Porto, who better than you to share with us the following “best places in town”:

a.- Your favourite family friendly restaurant: We currently don’t eat much outside our home and we do not have a proper favourite restaurant. We usually opt for seaside restaurants that allow the children being “on the loose” before and after eating while we are in “adult conversations” at the table watching them play in the sand. Lately we have also been improvising picnics at the last minute, on the beach or in parks.

b.- Your favourite park for sunny days: Beach! I know it’s not a park, but it’s where we go with the kids so they can play, run and explore. I think this is our program option with kids in over, 80% of the times. We also go quite a lot to the City Park and, more rarely, to Covelo Park.

c.- Your favourite indoors place for grey days: I confess that this remains an unresolved problem in our family. We many times go round and round wondering what to do on those very rainy winter days and often end up staying at home playing board games (and sometimes yes, also computer games), making cakes or artworks. On the remaining “less good” days, as you say, if it does not rain a lot or is not that cold that hurts, more and more we also opt for outdoor programs. I’ll give you an example, already several times we went to the beach (again the beach!) with the kids this winter. Armed with the neoprene suits of each, beach toys, balls and boogie boards, towels and warm clothes for when they come out of the water and “problem solved”.

5.-Do you like to cook? What is the family’s favourite dish? I need inspiration, if you know what I mean!:

I do like it, but it was a recent “discovery.” I especially like to cook savory foods and to involve the kids in my adventures in the kitchen. I also like to invent a little, but I think I still have a lot to learn and explore. Our favourite dish varies from member to member of the family and also from time to time. At the moment our favourites are perhaps the Leek à Brás or the Curry of Vegetables.

6.- Parents, nowadays, are more curious and always seeking alternatives to the traditional ways of raising children. What new trends are you applying or suggesting in your consultations?

As I mentioned earlier, I believe that there is no single way to educate or care for a child.

Every time I am less “rigid” in my recommendations to parents and I try to respect the individuality of the child in front of me as well as that of his family. There is no single way to feed a child, to put him to sleep, to take off his diaper, etc.

In my practice I try to listen to the parents and, together analyse what makes sense for them, but it is true that I have been interested and studied some “new trends” such as “Baby Led Weaning”, “Co-sleeping” , ‘Baby wearing’ or ‘Slow parenting’.

But be aware that when I talk about alternatives I am referring to the area of general care (called Child Care) and health promotion and not curative medicine where I follow the so-called traditional medicine.

7.- Let’s talk about photography, I know that you work with families, babies and children. Which one do you enjoy the most? To be honest I loved the photo session you did for the blog with me and I am looking forward to have another one, maybe with Santiago. It was a 5 star experience!:

Without a doubt, it is family photography that gives me the most pleasure. I love getting that moment of the session where the ice breaks and things start to flow. The moment you almost forget the camera that is between us and the session becomes a conversation. I love capturing the exchange of glances and complicity between the various family members and tell a story, their story.

I am eager to hold sessions where families take me with them in a normal day of their lives. No “script” and no poses. Photographs brushing teeth, walking the dog, making a tantrum, playing on the beach, having a tickling war, … The so-called documentary photography.

8.- Among so many occupations, where does Marcia occupy her free time?

I love doing nothing, nothing at all. I love being alone once in a while. I love going out early in the morning to be the first customer to come to the esplanade for a coffee on the beach. I love the sea. I love hanging out with friends in the late afternoon. I love to talk to people … of everything and nothing … to hear their stories … Ah! And a little exercise and singing.

9.- If you were not a paediatrician, photographer, mother, wife, you would be …

I do not know! Maybe a dancer, singer, teacher/educator…

10.- Finally, tell us what we can expect from you in the near future and where we can find you.

You can find me at my paediatrics office and on Knok consultations (an app and webpage that allows you to request medical consultations at home).

I am also active in the field of photography through my StiM Photography page.

I also intend to develop more activities in the area of Child Care, Health Promotion and Preventive Medicine.

Isn´t she fantastic?!!!!????

Thank you so much for your precious Goddess time Marcia <3, I will leave you now hoping you can have that coffee by the beach or go for a run on the lasts seconds of your free time before running for a photo session or picking up the children at the school. We need to book more photo sessions #obsessed and we also need a Paediatrician always on call!

You can find Marcia at:

Stim Photography Blog,  FB Profile and Knok App.


Erika, Top10Mom




2 thoughts on “Top10 Interview: Marcia Ferreira, Paediatrician, wife, mom of 3, blogger, photographer, founder of Stim-photography, etc. etc. etc.

  1. Hello,
    I want to find Marcia, she was my paeditrician in Portugal and i will live to Adelaide, Austrália.
    Could you give me her mail?

    Vasco Silva


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