Top10 Things you Need to Know when Moving to a New Country. By: Carmita Prieto, Life Coach and commented by Top10Mom.

Carmita Prieto has been part of my tribe for I don’t know how many years now. She is a mother, grandmother, Environmental Engineer, Certified Life Coach, Zumba instructor, chef, Breathwork Therapist, Bach Flower Therapist, etc, etc, etc. besides all that CV, she is a Venezuelan that has lived for over 9 years in Qatar. She knows what she is talking about in this Top10 of tips to have the right mindset when moving to a new country and I comment each one of them.


She knows what she is talking about in this Top10 of tips to have in count when moving to a new country and I comment each one of them. (Carmen in fuschia, Me in black)

Are you ready? Carmen, let them roll!

  1. Don’t accumulate things, the simpler you live the easier your relocation will be. Maybe is not a good moment to begin that collection of hats you have been thinking about for a few months now. Neither the Bennie Babies one, ok?
  2. Learn about the culture, manners and traditions of your host country, you only can appreciate and love what you know. Read at least… at least a Lonely Planet guide to the country that you are planning to relocate to. Don’t say you “had no idea!” they drive on the left in South Africa, or is it right?.
  3. Save as much as you can, the global economy is changing and having a job is not stable anymore. Bitcoins can be an option too. Just save some!
  4. Make a plan to make the best from your assignment as an expat. You can include whatever you like and your curiosity invites you to in this plan, just make sure to be perceived as a serious adult and not as the King or Queen of the night or the loudest parent in the school, por favor!
  5. Make friends from different nationalities and backgrounds that will enrich your life in all ways. Avoid living in bubbles or isolating in gangs like the Venezuelan MILFS or the Always Arrive Late to Pick of your Children at Parties parents groups.
  6. Don’t compare yours and your host country. We all love our home countries but if we are in this new country is for a good reason, isn’t it? Then avoid using phrases like: “In my country, X and Y are way better than here or people in my city are more…” People don’t want to know, I bet your hosting country has also a lot of things that are nicer than in yours. Dah!
  7. Open your heart and your mind to learn and experience new traditions, flavours and ideas. Just some advice, be careful with tapped water and hot chilly, your stomach might not be used to it and make that exotic dinner an unforgettable night in the toilet.
  8. If you are a home stay wife/mum, find a passion for devoting your time to, otherwise, you might end having shopping as your new hobby. This is not as bad as it sounds, right?… Right? Just forget it, when in doubt just go back to number 3!
  9. If you’ll be a home stay wife/mum in your new destination, consider identifying your talents, abilities and passions and your opportunities to create a portable career you can take with you to your next destination. Pilates teacher, manicurist, Montessori guide, tattoo artist, surfer teacher, illustrator, chef or make-up artist. Uf… and these are only the ones I am interested in!
  10. If you love travelling, take advantage of your hosting country location and explore the country and its neighbours during long weekends or short breaks. Vacays, please! Check the national holiday’s calendar and mark your vacations in advance. You don’t want to loose a good safari or a desert beach! Try to find a family friendly place or… take a babysitter with you! You need that well-deserved rest, pal!


Did you like this Top10? What other tips would you include in this list? Share them below with me! And rock that new destination to the max! Life is great, no matter where you are!

You can find Carmita on the links below, to talk with ver about how she can support your personal journey to reach your goals and get rid of any personal limits that we set sometimes in our little heads and hearts. Open your map of opportunities and let prosperity flow! She rocks!


Instagram: @lifecoachcarmitaprieto

Twitter: @LifeCoachCarmita



Erika, Top10Mom




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