Top 10 Reasons to go to Aveiro by Anahi Brown (@wellnessbyAnahi) and @top10mom

In this one day visit to Aveiro with the children, we discovered a great city, full of visual, gastronomical and wellness goodness, inspired by a post from Portuguese blogger GoBabyBlog.

Here our Top10Reasons to visit Aveiro!

1.- Enjoy a walk on the fresh air around the quaint streets 

1.- Enjoy a walk on the fresh air around the quaint streets with its colorful facades and stone floors. This is a great chance to enjoy Portuguese architecture, whilst you add up some steps and give your lungs get a break from the city air!

2.- Take a picture in front of the Palheiros de Costa Nova like a famous blogger… and if the family is in, dare to shoot some selfies with the kids. They will surely up your Social Media game (or give you a chance to upload and #PhotoFail if the little ones are uncooperative… like it happened to us!)

3.- Re-mineralize your body at the amazing Salt Pools. We went to Cale Do Oiro where we had a walk around the salt mines, enjoyed a picnic and then got into the water. This is a full on sensory experience for adults and children as the water is completely dark, the floor cold and slimey and there are loads of different smells.

#TopTenTip: Adults pay 4 euros to go in (1 euro extra to use their fresh (freezing) water outdoor shower at the end) and children up to 4 enter for free. We recommend you to bring a second pair of flip-flops for everyone to walk around and shower afterwards in as the floor is quite stony. Also, bring a sweater just in case as the location can be windy!

Full body clay mask, a must!

4.-Release toxins with a full body clay mask. If you make it to the Salt Pools, make sure you scrap the bottom and gather some detoxifying clay so you can give yourself (and your little ones!) a healing body mask.

#TopTenTip: Clay is well known for pulling toxins out of our bodies, which helps reduce inflammation and increase immunity. On top of that, clay is packed with minerals and other nutrients that get absorbed through our skin and into our bloodstream and cells. Among the different nutrients clay is abundant in are: calcium, magnesium, silica, sodium, copper, iron and potassium. Talk about messy Self Care!

5.- Buy fresh sea salt straight from the makers. Aveiro is a great place to show your little ones where REAL salt comes from… If you visit the Pools, they’ll be able to see magnificent salt piles everywhere and you’ll be able to get some good quality salt to take home.

#TopTenTip: Sea Salt is packed with minerals that are needed for brain development and overall health. Purchasing salt from great sources like these ones guarantee proper hydration and electrolyte balance for the whole family. Plus, you can also use it for baths and soaks!

6.- Enjoy shopping around for local craftsmanship: Sea Salt products, wooden toys and goods, beautiful tapestries, Handmade soaps and beauty products, sweets and more!

7.- Visit the O Bairro Restaurant, meet the neighbors and eat traditional Portuguese food with a deliciously modern twist, our new favorite! Plus, with its gorgeous tiled floors and ideal location, O Bairro is kid and celiac friendly.

Take a boat (Moliceiro) ride and enjoy the beautiful views of the city

8.- Take a boat ride along the rias and enjoy the Venice of Portugal in all its glory. Aveiro, the city of canals that cross the narrow streets of the historic center, in a landscape where the colorful Moliceiro boats, portrays a history always linked to the lagoon.

9.- Have the chance to eat the real Ovos Moles: Protected Geographical Identification local deserts, its origins are associated with the convents existing in the city, namely to the Monastery of Jesus. The forms of soft eggs filled with egg yolk and sugar, refer to the relationship between Aveiro, the Ria and the sea. 

10.- Visit the The Museum of Art Nouveau in Aveiro is the coolest new stop on the Portugal cultural scene. The museum resides in the Casa Major Pessoa, one of the most architecturally admired buildings in the city. Building design is attributed to architects Silvia Rocha and Ernest Korrodi. This is the one thing we could not do in our day trip this time

…but we will definitely come again!

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