Top 10 DIY: Montessori Inspired Baby Mobiles Series: Gobbi Mobile

The last mobile on the Montessori Inspired Baby Mobiles Series on my blog is the colourful Gobbi Mobile. Although I am not a tutorial expert, I try to guide you trough this one the best I could based this The Full Montessori blog post. Thank you so much!

This mobile is a little more complex and time-consuming than the Munari and the Octahedron but totally worth the effort considering now baby is more interactive visually and can differentiate the colour gradient and heights of the different coloured balls.


Materials you will need:

  • 5 styrofoam balls, about 1.5 – 2 inches diameter
  • 5 ascending shades of one colour, I chose pink. You will need 2-3 skeins of each shade
  • 1 embroidery needle (MUST be longer than the diameter of the balls)
  • 1 dowel (about 12 inches long)
  • Scissors
  • Nylon for the dowel
  • Ruler
  • Tape
  • Time and patience

How to:


1.- Open up a hole in each ball with the dowel so the thread has enough space to pass through.

2.- Pass your needle with the floss through the hole in one sphere, until most of it has passed through and you only have a small “tail” of floss sticking out.  Smooth that “tail” onto the sphere (the styrofoam will help to grip the thread) and bring the needle around to the hole where you started.

Insert the needle again, pass the thread through, and make sure that you “step” on the tail with the thread that is now wrapped from one end of the sphere to the other.

Bring the needle back around, and repeat, threading it into the hole and pulling the thread through.  Try to keep the resulting strands of thread as close together as possible, so they begin to cover up the white of the sphere.


3.- Leave enough floss to hang the balls to the dowel, equally separated one from each other in but in ascendant levels, I did it randomly until it looked good.

4.- Make sure the final result looks more or less like this or (I am sure you can) way better.



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