Ten tips for creating space in your everyday life by Top10Mom Georgia Kate

Ten tips for creating space in your everyday life.

1.)  Breathe, Each morning. 
Take a moment. Close your eyes and breathe. How do you want to feel today? Tell yourself what you are grateful for in your life. This 5 minutes of space to breathe will help you to achieve a positive mindset ahead of your day. Positive attracts positive. So be prepared for a beautiful day!

2.)  Clear the Clutter.  
Lighten your material load! Believe it or not, material possessions literally weigh you down. The more you have, the more you have to worry about. An untidy life equals an untidy mind. Clear your cupboards of things you don’t use. Tidy your desk space and throw (recycle) what you don’t need. Clean out your wardrobe and donate clothes you never wear to charity.


3.) Eat Well. 
We all know that you are what you eat, and if you want to eat heavy, rich food – then you will feel heavy in your body and mind. Meat, also is heavy and difficult to digest. Breads and all other food containing gluten will clog up your stomach and create digestive issues. Eat light, plenty of fish, oils, vegetables, salad and fruits. Eating well will create space in your body and you will feel lighter and more energetic and able to cope with your daily life.

4.)  Get organised.
We spend so much time throughout the day worrying about what we need to achieve. Get organised with bills, with finances, paperwork, all the things that have been lingering on your mind for a little too long. – Organising and ticking off your to do list will not only be a tremendous relief but will also clear your mind and create some space for more creative and happy thoughts to arise.

5.)  Take a break.
Take a technological break. Days would be good! But if you simply can’t, then have a cut off hour. No emails, calls, texts after a certain time in the evening, Do not sleep with your phone by your bed and don’t pick it up first thing in the morning – Allow yourself to take a break from the constant bombardment of technology. It is not necessary and there is nothing more distracting and detrimental to your peace of mind.

6.)  Find a Safe Space.
Find a place that is all yours. Away from family, friends, work, your phone, all the distractions of everyday life. Somewhere you can relax and you can breathe. Giving yourself time to just be – is one of the most important things you can ever do for your peace of mind. In this space, creativity flourishes!

7.)   Meditate. 
If you don’t do it already, then find a way to learn. You can find guided meditations on youtube or there are always classes nearby. Meditation is a way of training the mind to control its thoughts. Once you know how to control the chatter, you can turn that chatter off whenever you need. Once you can jump into that space between thoughts – you will realise you have all the time in the World !

8.)   Sleep. 
Sleep. There are untold amounts of scientific research which proves how important sleep is for your wellbeing. It is very easy to not get enough, job demands, children, stress….  All of these can seriously affect our sleep routines. Getting the right amount of sleep will ensure your body, emotions are balanced, allowing you think clearly.  Clarity of mind gives you space to be more productive in your daily life.


9.)  Let go. 
Let go of what doesn’t serve you. This is such a powerful tool for self-transformation and for creating space for more positive change in your life.
You may be holding on to old relationships, stuck in the past and unable to move forward. You may have friendships that drain you of your energy and happiness. You may hold on to bad habits which you know are affecting your health and wellbeing. Find a way to let go. It really is okay to do this. All the while you hold onto these things, you are not allowing space for new, more positive things to come in.


10.)  Exercise. 
You can always find time! 10 minutes in the morning is better than nothing. If you can’t do something cardio based then at least find a moment to sit on the mat and have a stretch. Creating space through stretching will increase blood flow to your muscles, giving you energy (you don’t need that coffee, really!) It also sends blood and oxygen to your brain which will improve your concentration and overall feeling of wellbeing.

Georgia is the proud mother of River Indigo aged 1, a Certified Yoga Teacher in Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow Yoga and Co-founder and manager of River Retreat Portugal where she and her husband Ryan host and receive guests throughout the year for well being holidays and yoga and meditation retreats and events. Georgia and Ryan also offer 1 to 1 yoga sessions and well being advice tailored to each clients needs.

You can contact Georgia on riverretreatportugal@gmail.com and find more information at www.riverretreatportugal.com or https://www.facebook.com/riverretreatportugal

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