Let me introduce you to the Top10Mommas, a commuity of women that collaborate with the blog, that make it richer, full of meaningful contents, experts in medicine, wellness, photography, doulas, coaches, scientists, psychologists, mothers…

These ladies are part of my tribe, they are my references when in doubt, they are fierce, strong, adorable and gorgeous, they have an entrepreneur spirit and they look, as myself, to make this world a better one for our women, families, children, because we all share the same motto: #loveistheanswer


Top10Momma: Marcia Ferreira

Dr. Marcia is one is one of mines, a  #supermom in high definition: Paediatrician, wife, mom of 3, blogger, photographer and founder of Stim-photography, singer wanna be (just like me!) and fan of supporting families in loving their parenthood (me twice!). 

Marcia was one of the first in believing and supporting me in this blogging path, thank you for giving me that silent push to being this journey. Also many of the pictures in this blog are also part of her work behind the lenses.

Check the interview I did to her a few months back here and find her at: Stim Photography Blog,  FB Profile and Knok App.

Marcia Ferreira, Top10Momma

Top10Momma: Filipa dos Santos

Filipa is one of the Top10Moms behind Amamenta Porto, she is a mother of 2,  mompreneur, Doula, Breastfeeding and Baby Wearing Consultant. She kindly reviewed the Top10Mom project and felt it was a great match for her texts and here is one of the articles she wrote dir Top10Mom: 9 Tips to Facilitate your Life (and mind) while Nursing a Newborn.

You can find Filipa´s CV here and write her and email at:

Top10Momma: Filipa dos Santos

Top10Momma: Anahi Brown

Anahi Brown, Nany, is my BFF since college years, my “comadre”, coach, health counsellor, life and style Goddess and a guide on my motherhood and womanhood path. She is in another league of wisdom, if you know what I mean. 

Professionally speaking she is HHC, AADP, BSc, a certified Holistic Wellness Coach with over 10 years experience, a published author and motivational speaker.

You can read an interview to her I did a few months back here and the articles she has written for the blog here:

– Top 10 Reasons to go to Aveiro by Anahi Brown (@wellnessbyAnahi) and @top10mom

-Top10 Netflix Children Programs for Toddlers and Pre-schoolers by Top10Momma: Anahi Brown

You can also contact Anahi directly trough: Twitter: @WellnessByAnahi, Instagram: @WellnessByAnahi, Facebook:, Skype: WellnessByAnahi, Email: and

Top10Momma: Anahi Brown

Top10Momma: Diana Nobrega

Diana Nobrega is a Venezuelan living and loving Porto since 2015. Wife of Harold and mother of the little Sigmund. Diana has also lived in France, is a photographer and graphic designer.

She has collaborated with Top10Mom writing a City Review in Spanish about Porto you can read here and kindly sharing some picture of her son here. Follow her great graphic work on her Facebook profile: diana nóbrega. fotografia and website:

Top10Momma: Diana Nobrega

Top10Momma: Carmita Prieto

Carmita Prieto is a mother, grandmother, Environmental Engineer, Certified Life Coach, Zumba instructor, chef, Breathwork Therapist, Bach Flower Therapist, etc, etc, etc. besides all that CV, she is a Venezuelan that has lived for over 9 years in Qatar.

She is the author of Top10 of tips to have the right mindset when moving to a new country and I comment each one of them.

You can find Carmen here:,  Facebook:, Instagram: @lifecoachcarmitaprieto and Twitter: @LifeCoachCarmita

Top10Momma: Carmita Prieto

Top10Momma: Indira Pappaterra

Indira Pappaterra is a Psychologist from Universidad Rafael Urdaneta in Maracaibo, Venezuela and holds a Master in Childhood and Adolescence Psychology from Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain. She works as a Primary School Psychologist and she is a specialist in Childhood and Adolescence Clinical Psychopathology, Autism Spectrum Disorders and Conscious Discipline. Indira´s educational approach is “Children are the hands by which we take hold of heaven”. H.W.B.

She is one of my closest friends, fan number 1 of her parents, brothers and Paquito, her Pug. Indira is not a Momma yet, but I bet she will rock that role in her life!

You can contact Indira via email:

Indira Pappaterra
Top10Momma: Indira Pappaterra

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